The Seriously Useful Secret about 100% Natural Dips

Natural dips hold a secret that once you know and try, you'll never forget.

Is it that they taste so much better as they don’t have the chemicals, gels and thickeners to mar the taste?


We have had sweet flavoured yoghurts at our fingertips for years.

How about a savoury flavoured Greek yoghurt? Dips typically haven’t been used for this as they are too doctored to perform well in cooking.


100% natural products, perform 100% naturally in your kitchen. There are literally thousands of recipe ideas using flavoured yoghurts, from marinades, to sauces, to spreads and ingredients. Anything that uses Greek yoghurt or sour cream, add a Castlemaine Dip for an incredible twist.

Same goes with 100% natural dairy free range.

So why is everyone spoiling their dips by adding chemicals, gels and various 'Numbers' to them? Definitely no reason that has us end consumers in mind.

Eat Clean. It's worth it.



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