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Where to buy Castlemaine Dips

100% Natural.

Where to buy Castlemaine Dips

We often get calls from people that have tried our product, and wondering where, near them they can get some more.

Just cause we’re as helpful as we are skillful, we’ve developed this store finding tool.


      No stores near you?


      See blog article HERE on best way to get stores to stock. AND how you can get your box of all our dip flavors. (no kidding)

      2 Responses

      1. Helen says:

        I got a call from my 13 year old daughter this morning…”Where’s the Hummus Mum?! I casually said…It’s here, in my lunch! Well she was not impressed as she had planned to have it on toast for breakfast. So it’s first up first serve in our house, I did buy some more on my way home. We love the hummus and the parsley and garlic; you are right, it is the best garlic dip in the world, just lovely!
        We buy it at Wilsons Fruit and Vegetable market in Ballarat, it is available in both stores- Lucas and central – it is not however on your list of where to buy. Keep up the great flavours!

      2. Marissa says:

        Afternoon! Oh how we love your dips…every time I visit my sister in Daylesford I make sure I come home with a stash of dips after visiting her local Coles store and buying as much as my little esky will hold! We are on the Mornington Peninsula and I would love if you would stock your beautiful dips down this way! Mornington Peninsula needs Castlemaine Kitchen dips!!!! 🙂

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