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100% Natural.


Meet the love of your life: Castlemaine Kitchen Hommus.

Nothing but authenticity here folks. A good fistful of Kabuli chickpeas, a splash of pure water, a drizzle of canola oil, drizzle of  olive oil, generous dollop of tahini, splash of vinegar, half a garlic clove, squeeze of lemon juice & a sprinkle of salt. Say no to chemically doctored hommus forevermore. Yes this truly is the destined love of your life.

This Hommus is an amazing combination of earthy deep flavours paired with a perfect citrus twang, and we don’t over pulverize it to a characterless airy pulp either. So darn good.

Castlemaine Kitchen Cracked Pepper & Fetta


Talk about taking things to a new level. The combination of Cracked Pepper and Fetta will truly knock the ground from under your feet.

A dollop of authentic Greek yoghurt, drizzle of canola oil, 6 cubes of fetta cheese, fistful of neufchatel cheese, generous shake of pepper and other spices. And there you have it, residing forevermore in your heart.

100% natural ingredients means it will be your new best friend in the kitchen. Mix through scrambled eggs or smear it over a steak it's also insane spread in a hamburger.

Castlemaine Kitchen Roasted Capsicum & onion


Boy oh boy! Flame roasted Capsicum and Onion guaranteed to be the best capsicum dip you've ever had.

Made of nothing but some neufchatel cheese, dollop of Greek yoghurt, drizzle of canola oil, slice of fire roasted capsicum, teaspoon of garlic, wedge of onion & a sprinkle of secret spices.

It's 100% natural of course, so will perform like a boss mixed through any savoury dish at all. Epic on a chicken wrap, or dump over your favourite baked potatoes. Yes!



No one makes Beetroot dip like us boffins at Castlemaine dips.

Made from 1 fat beetroot, A few Kabuli chickpeas, drizzle of canola oil, squeeze of lemon, dash of vinegar, and sprinkle of salt. And that’s it. because keeping it natural just tastes soo much better.

You'll absolutely love this spread on hot Turkish bread or dolloped around a sirloin steak, fetta and caramelised onion pizza!


Ohh yeah! this is that same classic nutty, toasty, earthy Hommus with that cutting tart of sun-dried tomatoes. Brilliant.

Made from some Kabuli chickpeas, drizzle of canola oil, splash of pure water, dollop of tahini, half a sun dried tomato, dash of vinegar, squeeze of lemon, half a garlic clove and salted to perfection.

You'll love this classic hommus twist on so much more than carrot & celery sticks. Try it in devilled eggs, or in a toasted falafel pita sandwich!


Unquestionably the best garlic dip you'll ever have. Just awesome.

Made from nothing but a fistful of cream cheese, dollop of Greek yoghurt, drizzle of canola oil, 2 garlic cloves, one sprig of parsley and a pinch a salt.
Epic in a salmon wellington, BBQ lamb marinade, and if you slice up a French stick and smear this between slices, then toast, you're have a new outlook on life. If you're that sort.

Castlemaine Kitchen chive & Onion


Yes Sire. 200g of this stuff will barely touch your sides.

A timeless classic is made from nothing but a fistful of real Neufchatel cheese,  dollop of Greek yoghurt, drizzle of canola oil, 2 chives, slice of onion, half a garlic clove, and is salted to perfection.

Breathtaking when mixed through a bowl of steaming boiled veggies, mixed in with a pumpkin soup or dolloped on a pizza.


While the world slept, some were painstakingly perfecting whats now thought to be the most elegant of all pumpkin dips. By carefully blending a few Kabuli chickpeas, some Jap pumpkin, dash of pure water, drizzle of canola oil, 2 basil leaves, small splash of vinegar, squeeze of lemon juice,  pinch of salt, we present you with this masterpiece (heavenly strings)

Dollop on a Chicken and capsicum pizza, spread lavishly in a pita, also magic with salad.

Castlemaine Kitchen Basil & Fetta


Psst..Here is the world’s best kept secret, and we're sharing with just you! SHhhhh...

If you mix 6 cubes of fetta, a fistful of Neufchatel cheese, dollop of yoghurt, drizzle of Canola oil, 6 Basil leaves, and a pinch of salt, you'll have created something with supreme balance and pending world dominance.

An absolute must on almost any pizza. Epic on anything, from a hamburger to scrambled eggs.


Talk about a surprise! the smoky warmth of the fire roasted eggplant combined with some kabuli chickpeas a drizzle of olive oil a dash of vinegar, squeeze of lemon, half a clove of garlic and shake of salt & pepper, is enough to give Sir Hommus a run for his money!

Do we need to repeat that 100% natural food also performs 100% naturally when used in whatever cooking you see fit. Mushroom Sauce, Miso, hey truly, whatever you want!


The papa Giuseppe of the dip world. Just like old Giuseppe, we possess an eye for quality that has to be experienced to believe. A dollop of authentic Greek yoghurt, 8 cubes of fetta cheese, fistful of real neufchatel cheese, drizzle canola oil, 2 kalamata olives, 2 green olives, slice of fire roasted capsicum and a shake of spices. Unthinkable to let artificials spoil this delight.

Happily married to the woodfired pizza since '84. No honestly, if you're one of us olive fanatics, you'll be smearing this over everything!



For that authentic Mediterranean fix. You wont find a Tzatziki made like this anywhere but right here.

Award winning Greek yoghurt, real cucumber chunks, lemon, garlic & seasoning. Refreshing and beautiful.


It's year 1589 & somewhere in the hazy hills of northern Italy some bright spark mixed up this brew. Well that’s what some believe anyway. One thing we're sure of here in the kitchen is just how good an authentic Basil Pesto is!

Made from nothing but roughly 59 Basil leaves, splash of Canola oil, drizzle of olive oil, a fistful of sharp parmesan cheese and about 113 real pinenuts.
You shouldn’t need enlightening as to the wonderful uses of basil pesto.. ?

Ok ok.. grief.. you've probably just had a innocent mind blank, and we'd hate for you to miss out..  Wonderful world of Basil Pesto


Our magical Classic Hommus with added Lime, Spices, Jalapeno & Chipotle Peppers. It's absolutely delicious.

Pair it with pan fried chorizo sausage on toasted sourdough bread. Topped with Avocado & Coriander.