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6 Steps to becoming a dip cuisinier

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Six steps to making the dip of your dreams

Knowing how fun it is sometimes to just make dip at home, we're going to share some principles that we've learnt the hard way over the years.

We stick by these principles doggedly and scoff those that dont.

Only use the best

This sounds like one of those broken recorder things to say. But guys. A dip is the sum of it's parts. Dont ignore this timeless principle.

No, Absolutly no, Chemicals

DO NOT put acids, gels, artificial thickeners, and preservatives in. I know you folk that craft dip at home wouldnt. but there is just far to much of this going on for our liking. Tastes no good anyway!

Tweak a thousand times

A dip that stands head and shoulders above the rest, is one that has the details right. Patience & insanly high standards need to become second nature.

drizzle of oil

Drizzleing in oil to your dip is the trade secret. It blends and thickens it up beautifuly. Any of the Sunflower/Canola/Olive family works awesome. We use Canola (Non GMO) as the flavour isnt overpowering & it's made here in Aus.

Go a bit silly

If you want to make a french onion dip, you're probably in the wrong place. Sheesh, get Creative. life is to short for bland dip.

The magic touch

You need to spice and salt your dip. Sounds obvious? This is what mostly gets neglected. Turning the dips pear shaped. Figuratively speaking