ah yeah. we're the same folk, new website.

We're the same talented chefs, and of course - exactly the same amazing dips. Breathe easy.

One thing that is changing.. we're now prepared to share the secret about 100% natural dips that very few know..



Check out the culprits that have changed history here in Victoria. Lined up from most wanted!



Hello friend! We need you like no tomorrow!

Chances are you're here because an avid consumer has pointed you here.. either way, spreading the love around the world is the work of more than a handful of talented chefs, and we need you like crazy..


breakthrough! A brand that can be trusted to provide food the way nature intended.

We believe that life brings with it natural progression, we believe that deep down, you and us, both want to be better versions of ourselves.

And we also believe that what we eat plays a huge part in our health & well-being.

Do you also wonder sometimes why we've been so slow to getting back to eating food how it should be. Food is great the way nature provides it.

Castlemaine Kitchen has been set up as a brand in this vast food world that you can finally trust. Everything coming out of our kitchen is entirely preservative free, acid, gel, artificial thickener free. You can rest assured that every product that comes out of our kitchen, will have the same two discerning features:

  • 100% natural.
  • Hands down best taste in it's category.

These points are synonymous by the way.


Just in case you havent yet noticed..

We're here for you.

Gather around you time poor and concerned bunch.

We feel your pain. Thats because we share it too.

Over processed and doctored up food is everywhere. Even the most chilled out amongst us are getting uneasy, but life can just be too busy at times to do anything about it.

Castlemaine Dips has been set up as an inspirational site with access to quick and guilt free ideas for you. What is there to lose? Be the best version of you. Join the revolution starting here in the kitchen.


How to make the best home made dip

All we're wanting is just another nice tasting dip. right?

The days of bland mediocrity are behind us, are they behind you? Click on this link to learn how to take your dips to a new level.

Go on, we know you want to.

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